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PM360 (September 2023)

Improving health equity and diversity throughout the life sciences

Lloryn Hubbard discusses how life science companies can address the disparities within clinical trials and health equity.

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SelectScience (August 2023)

Cancer Research and Trends in Cell Therapy Treatments

Jai Balkissoon and Evan Zynda highlight the key trends and challenges in cell and gene therapy, and explore the latest advancements in cell therapy for cancer treatment.

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PharmTech Europe (August 2023)

An Intelligent Drug Development Paradigm

Our experts describe an intelligent drug development paradigm that enables small pharma to implement a truth-seeking early development approach like those used by progressive big pharma companies.

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BioPharm International (July 2023)

Moving Closer to Dynamic Drug Development Through Automated Solutions

Robert King explains that solutions are on the horizon that will help overcome the current bottlenecks and other challenges that are occurring in early drug development.

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Pharmaceutical Executive (July 2023)

Health Equity in Pharma: Communities Most Impacted by Racial Bias

Rose Blackburne discusses health equity and racial bias in pharma and how to address inequities in access and care.

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American Pharmaceutical Review (June 2023)

Building a Strong Data Foundation for Decentralized Clinical Trials with an FSP Model

Customers face four key decision points early in the development life cycle that are critical to the success of a decentralized clinical trial (DCT) strategy. In this article, our experts discuss each of those four decisions to help build a strong data foundation for DCTs with a functional service provider model.

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Contract Pharma (June 2023)

CRO Industry Report

Our experts comment on the challenges, trends and focus of clinical research today.

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CGT Demands Vision, Partnership and Patient-Centricity to Transform Healthcare

Panteli Theocharous discusses the current landscape and future outlook for clinical research in cell and gene therapy, stressing the importance of partnerships with various stakeholders.

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Pharma Focus Asia (June 2023)

Measuring Vaccine Efficacy: The Right Endpoints are Key to Success

Endpoints are needed throughout the vaccine development life cycle. In this article, the authors discuss how to develop, assess and select endpoints at each development step.

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