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March 2023

Making Clinical Trials More Sustainable by Digitization and Decentralization

Michael Cohen comments on how digitizing, decentralizing and near-patient can reduce the environmental impact of clinical research.

PharmExec (February 2023)

Taking Steps to Right the Wrongs: The Impact of Racial Bias in Healthcare and Medicine

Rose Blackburne discusses the huge opportunity for continued innovations that bring research closer to patients to help address health inequities.

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Applied Clinical Trials (February 2023)

Lessons learned in 2022 and the impact on drug development in the year ahead

Rodrigo Garcia discusses four notable lessons from 2022 and what they might mean for 2023.

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Contract Pharma (January 2023)

The ongoing evolution and implementation of DCTs in 2023

Jill Sommerville discusses the challenges, opportunities and evolution of decentralized clinical trials.

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BioPharm International (January 2023)

Complex analytical workflows increasingly require robust bioassays

Catherine Liloia and Benjamin Ziehr comment on the crucial role bioassays play in biologic drug development.

BioPharm International
PharmaVoice (December 2022)

The 2023 PharmaVoice Year in Preview

Lisa Dyment and Lloryn Hubbard weigh in on key areas of industry focus, including patient engagement and clinical trial diversity, for 2023.

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing (November 2022)

The value of predictive analytical applications as digital health tools

Thomas Healy discusses the emerging benefits and capabilities of predictive analytic applications supported by wearable sensor devices.

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Pharma Focus Asia (November 2022)

Enabling digital and decentralized solutions in clinical research

In this article, Kamilla Posselt outlines the importance of embedding digital and decentralized solutions during early trial development.

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Contract Pharma (November 2022)

Functional service partnerships: Speeding seamless implementation

Lisa Beckel discusses keys to implementing an FSP partnership, addressing some of the challenges, and how to assure efficient onboarding and resourcing for FSP clinical research projects.

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