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Pharmaceutical Outsourcing (November 2022)

The value of predictive analytical applications as digital health tools

Thomas Healy discusses the emerging benefits and capabilities of predictive analytic applications supported by wearable sensor devices.

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Contract Pharma (November 2022)

Functional service partnerships: Speeding seamless implementation

Lisa Beckel discusses keys to implementing an FSP partnership, addressing some of the challenges, and how to assure efficient onboarding and resourcing for FSP clinical research projects.

Contract Pharma
International Clinical Trials (November 2022)

Strategies for 21st Century Patient Recruitment

The authors examine emerging trends in patient recruitment and how best to optimize them.

International Clinical Trials
Contract Pharma (November 2022)

AI in unexpected places: How ML and NLP improve startup timelines

The authors discuss how new applications of machine learning and natural language processing are having a profound impact on clinical trial agility and accuracy.

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Outsourcing-Pharma (October 2022)

Thermo Fisher continues to expand clinical research capacity with $59m lab expansion

The current 71,600-square-foot operation will grow to 114,000 square feet and be completed in stages by the end of 2024, creating 200 new jobs over the next five years.

Lane Report (October 2022)

Thermo Fisher Scientific to invest $59 million with Campbell Co. expansion

Much of the expansion involves adding to the business’ sample management and testing capacity to support new therapeutics, including vaccines and cell and gene therapy products.

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Outsourcing-Pharma (October 2022)

Thermo Fisher adds clinical research lab as part of $97m expansion

The bulk of the expansion with this new facility will occur in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry for drug discovery through to clinical testing.

CenterWatch Weekly (October 2022)

PPD launches decentralized trial certification program for sites and investigators

New network will be available to the full range of sites that the business currently works with to deliver DCT studies for customers.

Outsourcing-Pharma (October 2022)

Thermo Fisher Launches Decentralized Clinical Trial Network

New network to support global investigators and research sites participating in decentralized clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotech customers.