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PPD in the News

BioPharm International (May 2020)

The limits of light obscuration

Brent Denton, John Bak and Jonathon Salsbury discuss how light obscuration testing is the preferred method of sub-visible particle quantification, but is not suitable for every preparation.

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Fierce Biotech (April 2020)

PPD boosts digital trial work amid pandemic

PPD is extending its digital clinical trial offering to support its biopharma clients' R&D as life science companies continue to find workarounds on trial delays.

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Fierce Biotech (April 2020)

PPD unit launches patient-transfer trial program to help ease pandemic cancellations

Accelerated Enrollment Solutions has introduced a new program to help biopharmaceutical companies maintain business continuity during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Fierce Biotech (April 2020)

PPD unit pens Science 37 virtual trial pact amid pandemic

Accelerated Enrollment Solutions and Science 37 are collaborating to recruit and enroll clinical trial participants who live beyond the geographic location of traditional research sites.

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Regulatory Rapporteur (April 2020)

The expanding role of real-world evidence in the regulatory environment

Mel Formica, global head, value and development consulting, Evidera, discusses the challenges regulators face as they seek to understand the acceptability of cutting-edge real-world data.

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American Pharmaceutical Review (March 2020)

Understanding the relationship between the red and blue light sources in the determination of particle size distribution profiles

Kristopher Garibay, Eric Olson and Jonathon Salsbury of PPD® Laboratories GMP Lab discuss how the use of particle size distribution profiles by laser diffraction is a common analytical technique utilized across multiple industries.

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Pharmaceutical Technology (March 2020)

Fast vs. Formulated

Can investing in early formulation studies drive a new therapy successfully across the commercialization finish line?

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BioPharm International (March 2020)

Seeking Early Answers to Formulation Questions

Contract service organizations can offer biopharma companies early insight into dangers that may hinder a drug’s later development.

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PharmaVOICE (March 2020)

Patient Stories Can Bridge the Gap Between Pharma and Patients

Patients are sharing their stories in an effort to educate other stakeholders, and the pharma industry is using that knowledge sharing to improve on messaging and patient interaction.

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