PPD Sponsorview

Streamlining Communications Between Sponsors and Their Study Teams

One of the most important elements to the success of any clinical trial is open and consistent communication between the sponsor and study team. It ensures that all parties remain aligned with study goals, obstacles are immediately identified and adjusted and the safety and integrity of the study are constantly maintained. PPD® SponsorView ensures these critical study components take place at every step along the study continuum.

Providing a Single Point of Access for Critical Trial Information

With PPD SponsorView, sponsors have access to an easy-to-navigate, Web-based solution that is customized with their specific portfolio of work. Through this innovative technology solution, PPD provides sponsors with the vital information needed to determine how their studies are proceeding. Features of PPD SponsorView include:

  • Access to a collaborative workspace in PPD’s enterprise document management system that allows teams to easily exchange trial-related documents
  • View only access to electronic trial master file (eTMF), which provides real time access to view eTMF files
  • Easy to navigate controls
  • Multiple item download capability
  • Customizable favorite locations
  • Search feature enabled
  • System alerts