Why PPD Decentralized Clinical Trials

The PPD Difference

With adoption of decentralized clinical trials increasing exponentially, it is essential to leverage new technologies and work with partners that are equipped to optimize your protocols, including the operationalization of remote trials. At every stage of the drug development process, PPD deploys the expertise you need to design, plan and execute your clinical trials with skill, precision and unwavering focus on quality.

Our teams help you pivot to a digital-based trial approach that can increase patient engagement and retention and improve the patient experience. Our core differentiators include:

Platform & Technology Agnostic Approach
Leading Study Design Capabilities
Operationalization of Protocols
Speed & Agility
Regulatory Insights
Unmatched Experience in the DCT Space

Are You Ready to Digitally Enable Your Trial?

Now, more than ever, it’s critical to have a strategy to implement remote engagement at scale to maintain and advance lifesaving clinical research. In this complimentary webinar, our experts will equip you with the essential building blocks needed to ensure your program continues forward in an era where digital avenues will be paramount.

Brittany Erana
Brittany Erana

PPD is a dominant player in the decentralized trial space. ISG’s Provider Lens™ survey is proof of that designation. We bring unrivaled design and operational expertise to the table – increasing access for patients, creating efficiencies and enhancing data quality.”

Ravi Ramachandran
Ravi Ramachandran

Our teams remove the complexities that customers face when needing to identify key partners and platforms. As a platform agnostic group, PPD brings the right partner based on customer need, including looking at the availability and fit for purpose needs of medical vs. sensor grade devices.”

We are changing the way we do clinical research to reduce patient burden. Decentralization is at the core of our innovative strategies, resulting in immense benefit for patients, sites and customers. From our expertise to our agnostic approach, we are continuing to bring more innovation to PPD.”

Decentralized Clinical Trial Resources

Check out PPD Digital and Decentralized solutions’ extensive library of materials on decentralized clinical trials (DCTs)