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Accelerated Enrollment Solutions (AES)

Clinical trials are often fraught with uncertain outcomes. Finding patients and sites shouldn’t be among them.

Accelerated Enrollment Solutions (AES) addresses the universal challenge that every trial confronts, no matter its size, location or indication: providing the right patients and sites with speed and certainty.

AES site start-up and infrastructure

  • 150+ global sites are on standby to begin enrolling when your study launches, with no contract delays to stall recruitment or site startup.
  • Sites that continually prescreen patients for trial eligibility by inviting them in for free health screenings and assessing their interest while verifying their inclusion/exclusion criteria to match open trial protocols.
  • Centrally managed site infrastructure streamlines SOPs across all sites, synchronizes lessons learned and oversees consistent, timely and accurate data entry.
  • Our investigators and sites are dedicated solely to recruiting and retaining patients for clinical trials, with no distractions of running a private practice.

How AES works

Other companies know where the patients are. We know who the patients are, by name, location, condition, age, contact information and other vital data they have opted in to provide.

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100 million throughout households of identified patients

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global sites to begin enrolling when your study launches

AES has changed the traditional site/patient model

  • Patient enrollment certainty. We don’t rely on sites for patients. Through AES trial delivery method, we identify actual patients in our database in advance of your study start-up, which enables us to precisely predict enrollment numbers and costs.
  • Patient voice. We routinely survey patients in our 100 million-household database of opted in, fully identified patients to help inform study designs, gauge attitudes toward trial participation and recruit for studies.
  • Global site organization. We wholly own or partner with global research sites under a single AES infrastructure to expedite study start-up without lengthy negotiations or contracts.
  • Price certainty. Through AES trial delivery method, we provide a single, fixed, price-per-patient at consent or randomization, including all direct and indirect fees. You don’t pay if we don’t deliver.

Customizing AES for your study’s needs

A proven trial model for chronic ambulatory conditions, plus specialty sites vaccine trials around the world.

  • Patient advantage: AES sites and patients, plus the full scope of our end-to-end drug development services
  • AES patients / AES sites & patients: Enroll quality patients and top-performing sites in a customized package.

Eliminating financial risk

Because we know the patients and we centrally manage the site organization, we can accurately forecast and deliver the timelines and pricing we promise. This virtually eliminates the usual uncertainty surrounding patient numbers, site performance, enrollment timelines and costs.

We precisely calculate costs up front to offer you a per-patient price at consent or randomization, with no added direct or indirect fees.

Over the last five years, we have successfully supported over 750+ trials for a wide variety of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, accelerating timelines and bending the time-cost curve for now-approved products.

Patient engagement process
Known patients

with specific diseases and related risk factors are sourced from our proprietary database of 100 million households

Our patient modeling

algorithm identifies “lookalike” patients who meet the exact demographic traits of those who have successfully randomized to your trial, expanding your patient pool

AES marketing

geotargets these candidates and the public at large via digital marketing, social media and traditional outreach

Identified candidates

undergo extensive prescreening online, by phone or via on-site health screenings to predetermine eligibility prior to study-specific consent

150+ global sites under central management

We wholly own or partner with sites on five continents, all managed under a single infrastructure to ensure:

  • High-enrolling sites operating at maximum productivity
  • Rapid study start-up across the network, with feasibility, budgets and contracts completed together
  • Immediate escalation and resolution of issues
  • Consistent application of SOPs, KPIs and training across all sites
  • Quality data that stands up to scientific rigor
Smaller site footprint

The fewer the sites, the less chance of data inconsistencies. In turn, fewer sites means lower costs, higher productivity and cleaner data with less variability.