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Evidence Synthesis, Modeling & Communication

Specializing in evidence, value and access


The payer landscape is continuing to change and while the industry is rich with new technological and scientific innovations, healthcare budgets are stretched. Payers are increasing the evidence requirements for demonstration of a product’s value and its potential significance in both investigational and real-world practice settings. To address payer concerns and achieve favorable and timely coverage/reimbursement decisions, a coherent and connected value story, supported by strong economic evidence, must be carefully crafted and articulated.

We specialize in evidence, value and access. Our Evidence Synthesis, Modeling & Communication group of more than 160 scientists, statisticians, modelers and consultants work as an integrated team to develop a convincing body of evidence and create a unified value story for your product.


We understand creating this story requires:

  • A thorough understanding and alignment on your products’ key value messages
  • Convincing underlying economic evidence
  • A comprehensive strategy to achieve market access
  • The ability to address the requirements and nuances of individual markets

Transforming evidence into value

We work with you to evaluate and customize each research program to yield an evidence package that will meet payer requirements and support optimal product positioning and differentiation. On average, we complete more than 15 integrated, product-specific research programs per year and have contributed to more than 130 health technology assessment (HTA) submissions in the past five years, contributing to the reversal, fast-tracking and influencing of multiple National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) decisions.

An approach that extends beyond typical, tactical submission components

While the core components of a payer submission typically include health economic models, literature reviews, indirect treatment comparisons and global value and HTA dossier preparations, we leverage our deep experience and senior scientists to go beyond these traditional core studies where needed. We regularly recommend and implement additional studies that may be needed to fill evidence gaps and support product value. 

Among the largest and most experienced teams of HEOR and HTA-focused experts in the industry

  • Strategic alignment: Evidence generation activities aligned to product strategy and positioning
  • Expertise: 130+ publications and 200+ presentations per year, and deep relationships with stakeholders across the ecosystem (Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA), HTAs, payers, providers, academia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs))
  • Seamless: Single, senior-level point of contact for strategic discussions as well as access to other experts, as part of larger engagements
  • Quality: Strategic oversight from executive leadership, with leading governance and quality control processes
  • End-to-end offerings: ~15 integrated research programs on average per year executed by our team of 40+ seasoned researchers, each with at least 10 years of experience
  • Quantitative: A fully dedicated statistics team to analyze your trial data for use in economic models
  • Versatility: Ability to support data-rich products as well as orphan indications where fewer data are available
  • Strategic partner: Full service support, from high-level strategic insights to detailed technical advice

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