Man speaking with healthcare workers

Integrating the Patient Voice

The patient experience encompasses far more than the endpoints and outcomes that are typically measured by clinical trials. Patients want to know whether a treatment – or a trial — will improve their quality of life and not impose an undue burden on their daily routine. 

In fact, the patient perspective is now recognized as an integral part of designing and executing studies that deliver real-world value for patients.  

At PPD, four core components distinguish us as leaders in capturing the patient voice and applying it to the successful design and execution of your study.

  1. Patient insights
  2. Patient modeling
  3. Patient data
  4. Patient diversity

In 2019, PPD received Medidata’s first-ever Patient First Award, which recognizes a company for trailblazing technology that decreases the patient burden in clinical trials.

We ask and answer relevant patient questions that influence study outcomes

  • Do your inclusion/exclusion criteria represent a true patient population that exists in reality and not in theory?
  • Are your endpoints relevant and meaningful to patients and their quality of life?
  • Is your study schedule, dosing regimen and route of administration manageable for your patient population?
  • What will the FDA require from an approval perspective, and how will those requirements impact recruitment and retention?
  • What is your product’s risk-benefit ratio, and how do you position this message in the market place?