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Decentralized Clinical Trials

Just released: ACRO’s decentralized clinical trial (DCT) toolkit

As a founding member of ACRO, PPD serves as a key contributor to its Decentralized Clinical Trials Working Party. Together, we helped form a DCT toolkit for today’s leading pharma and biotech organizations. ACCESS THE TOOLKIT >>


PPD pioneers digital capabilities and deploys solutions to streamline protocols, putting patient experience at the center of every design. Recently recognized by ISG as a leader in the design and deployment of decentralized clinical trial solutions, our teams can help you drive recruitment, engagement, retention and data quality.

Digital Transformation

Our Capabilities

Every day, customers choose us to digitally transform traditional study designs, ensure business continuity and advance lifesaving clinical research around the world.

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Brittany Erana
Brittany Erana

“We offer a unique set of flexible solutions across the entire digital and decentralized trial spectrum. All of which are carefully designed to increase patient access to clinical trials and achieve a wide set of benefits from increase patient diversity and patient experience to enhancements in data quality and cost efficiencies for our customers.”

Digital Innovation & Implementation

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