PPD Biotech Solutions

As you strive to grow your company, prove product viability to regulators and your investors, and deliver new treatments to patients, you face a path lined with risk and complexity.

With Thermo Fisher Scientific’s PPD® Biotech solutions, we bring you end-to-end capabilities and greater clinical trial reliability and quality, while simplifying your drug development journey.

We make the road to success easier

We share your passion for bringing novel therapies to market — and your sense of urgency. Every milestone. Every shift in direction. Every decision is critically important to successfully achieving your goals.

Working with your contract research organization (CRO) partner should be effortless. With PPD Biotech solutions, we intentionally built a model to better serve small- to mid-sized biotech and pharma companies by making the line between internal and outsourced teams indistinguishable. You’ll get:

  • Project teams selected and trained to work optimally with rapidly growing companies
  • Dedicated medical officers and portfolio leads partnering with you to identify links to the right solutions, information, and resources across our organization, simplifying the navigation of our end-to-end services
  • Custom governance structures that fit clients of all sizes to elevate prioritization and executive focus

Our project leads share your commitment to your study’s success.

Simplify your journey without sacrificing quality or reliability

Now more than ever, boards, investors and IPO markets are looking for increased assurance of a successful asset development strategy.

  • Will your clinical strategy help you achieve development goals on time?
  • Will your data meet approval and reimbursement requirements?
  • Are budgets planned out as efficiently as possible?