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Data Different. Data Smarter.

From accessing difficult-to-find real-world data (RWD) to integrating multiple data sources, today’s clinical research data landscape is nothing short of complex. That’s why you need a contract research organization (CRO) partner with more than innovative data solutions. You need a team of masters capable of unlocking the promise of clinical data—from any source, for any purpose—to break through confusion and provide clarity.

The PPD clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific brings together smart people with smart data capabilities to deliver better outcomes. That’s how we do data different. That’s how we do data smarter.

Our comprehensive data solutions go beyond stats and figures to provide you with a truly customized approach that yields data-driven insights to inform critical development, commercialization, and access decisions — so you can move confidently through your drug development journey.

At PPD® we bring together smart people with smart data capabilities to deliver better outcomes.

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A legacy of delivering excellence in data and analytics

We plan for approval from the start, leaning on our 35+ years of leadership and excellence in both clinical trials and data management, as well as real-world evidence and data solutions.

Innovative data integration

Our capabilities span beyond our own data sources to include expertise integrating disparate data sources into your systems. This unified ecosystem frees you to focus on your most urgent business priorities.

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Smart real-world data from planning to post-approval

Our integrated team of health economists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and clinicians critically assess the available databases to identify those solutions that will yield the best information to address your research needs.

Artificial intelligence is up-leveled by human intelligence

AI is powerless without HI. We bring together rich data expertise and state-of-the-art technology and innovation to accelerate the path forward. When you partner with us, you have a multidisciplinary team of data scientists, epidemiologists and statisticians — comprising one of the largest data analytics teams in the industry — dedicated to your success.

Your goals are our priority. Whether you are having difficulty curating the clinical richness you need, integrating disparate data or seeking full transparency into your study, you can count on our team to create a holistic plan with the most strategically sound, fit-for-purpose and operationally optimized approach – freeing you to focus on your most urgent priorities. That’s data different. That’s data smarter.

Here’s how we support your data needs throughout the life cycle of your product:

Accelerate outcomes, via optimized study planning

Save time and reduce cost leveraging predictive analytics

Mitigate risk with real-time insights

Access intelligence from early development through post-approval

Finally, a data offering unlike any other

In a world where the volume of clinical data is growing exponentially, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. Instead, we partner with you to understand your individual needs – optimizing study planning, forecasting performance, mitigating risk in real-time and leveraging artificial intelligence — and meet those needs with a tailored approach throughout the product life cycle. That’s data different. That’s data smarter.

The right data to put you on the right path

Gain confidence in the success of your trial from the start. We combine rich data sources across operations, therapeutic areas and the real world with AI-powered smart algorithms to transform study planning.

  • Proactively solve the most significant challenges facing your product’s drug development plan. Our predictive analytics engine is constantly evolving — getting smarter with operational data collected across every study we conduct — giving us insight into obstacles before they occur.
  • Tap into the right sites and diverse patient populations most conducive to your protocol parameters. We leverage multiple sources of data and predictive modeling to inform country and site recommendations.
  • Our robust operational data solutions inform patient segmentation and the patient journey across many therapeutic areas of focus — expanding your access to difficult-to-identify patient sub-cohorts for analysis across care settings and diagnosis to disease progression and treatment-driven outcomes.

Predictive analytics that empower business performance

We forecast performance, identify potential problems and suggest alternatives through predictive analytics — streamlining operations to save you time and money and meet your business goals.

  • Our predictive modeling is infused with AI and RWD — a key advantage that gives us the ability to enhance study design, guide country/site selection, accelerate site activation, speed recruitment timelines, identify and mitigate risks and automate standard tasks so your program works at optimal speed and efficacy.
  • Patients are our focus. Our patient-centric approaches to data collection and application — from leveraging decentralized trial designs to recruitment and retention services — incorporate the right patient and data into your study while removing patient barriers to participation.

Real-time insights that inform real-time risk mitigation

Through Preclarus, our award-winning analytics solution, we have the information needed to direct clinical research forward quickly and effectively, even when faced with the unforeseen.

  • You have full transparency into your study’s progress as we consolidate and standardize data from multiple sources and present it via Preclarus CRI, your study’s dashboard for real-time, instant access to enrollment numbers, site performance and other critical parameters of study progress.
  • Our direct data sharing capabilities, powered by Snowflake®, provide access via a cloud SQL database, requiring no additional engineering skills. Data is always “on” and real-time.

Deliver impact throughout the life cycle of your product

Data must go through a rigorous process of linkage, refinement, building and sharing before its meaningful to your study. Coupling that with the power of human expertise, we ensure you have intelligent and actionable insights. That’s data different. That’s data smarter.

  • Our investments in proprietary data sets, data partnerships, data technologies and innovation ensure access to diverse, high-quality, specialized data solutions — addressing your business, clinical and regulatory needs by bringing you closer to a 360-degree view of the patient.
  • We work across a variety of data partners in a source-agnostic manner, combining the best of multiple RWD sources and data sets — delivering data
    that stratifies the requirements of regulators, payers and health care professionals.
Gain deeper insight into patient treatment journeys

Access to regulatory-grade, fully anonymized, longitudinally linked electronic medical records (EMR) data — providing real-world insights by following patient segments across settings of care to assess diagnosis, disease progression and treatment-driven outcomes.

Understand prescribing trends with real-time data

Access to real-time data capture to gain insights on healthcare professionals (HCP) prescribing behavior, treatment patterns, treatment sequencing and patient profiling from our global community of 2.2 million HCPs across 55+ countries.

Maximize product value and patient access

Access to rich data sources that enable you to identify standard of care and usage trends to better plan the life cycle of your product — ultimately maximizing potential and expanding access.

Successfully driving your product forward through its lifecycle. That’s data different.
That’s data smarter.

Foundational, Clinical, Real-World, and PPD Operational Data with early client engagement, operational effectiveness, and outcomes.

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