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PPD® Digital strives to be at the forefront of innovation, especially when designing novel strategies to keep the patient at the center of research. Our biopharmaceutical and biotech customers trust us to help advance their critical pipelines, with our therapeutic expertise spanning the full R&D spectrum of indications.

Check out some of our recent highlights below in hematology/oncology and chronic conditions along with growing areas of R&D innovation, such as immuno-oncology, cell and gene therapy, biomarkers and rare diseases.






Accelerating Oncology Clinical Research Remotely

As the promise of research meets the challenges of the pandemic, equipping oncology protocols with strategies to proceed safely during times of uncertainty and with reliable data quality is essential if new cancer therapeutics are to continue to reach the market. See how collaborators across the PPD enterprise have embraced this goal and are leading the activation of remote and decentralized solutions in oncology.


Minimizing Patient Burden in Cell and Gene Therapy Trials

Clinical trials for cell and gene therapies present a complex situation, beginning with patient recruitment and identification and continuing through implementation and long-term follow-up. Learn how PPD’s comprehensive, patient-centric strategies create flexibility for today’s traditional trial challenges.


Navigating the Nuances of Neurology Clinical Trials Under the DCT Model

With a growing need for adaptation and flexibility in neurology clinical research, study teams are finding that a hybrid approach including DTP (direct-to-patient) and DFP (direct-from-patient) modalities can significantly aid in the facilitation of clinical trials. See how PPD leverages a patient-centric approach using remote monitoring, mobile technology, wearable solutions and telemedicine.


How Respiratory Research is Changing to Meet the Moment

Recent shifts in clinical trials investigating respiratory diseases have highlighted the importance of adaptation and evolution in clinical research, leading to a shift towards remote trial models to recruit, enroll and retain patients. See how PPD is supporting the global shift towards decentralized clinical trials and balancing growing demand for technology, innovation, and risk management in respiratory studies.


Modern Strategies for Dermatology Clinical Trials

Low levels of patient participation are one of the greatest challenges for clinical trials, a challenge further exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. With extensive experience in dermatology and a commitment to tailored trial design and digital platforms, see how PPD is ideally positioned to help sponsors upgrade and modernize research options for sites and patients.


The PPD Difference

PPD Digital continues to lead the way for decentralized trial strategies.