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Clinical Trial Certainty/Reliability

Guidance and foresight throughout clinical development

PPD delivers advanced disease simulation and modeling to evaluate outcomes based on potential trial designs. Similarly, we can assess and score protocols, then provide recommendations to fine-tune specific aspects of protocol design to ensure proper data collection and feasible recruitment.

And just as data informs better trial design, it can inform patient-centric research strategies. Not relegated to a single data source, PPD leverages some of the world’s largest identified and de-identified patient databases to support pragmatic feasibility assessment and optimize enrollment.

PPD also gathers input from patients, caregivers, site staff, advocacy groups and investigators. Their insight helps direct viable protocol development and successful enrollment strategies. Moreover, as patient-centric study design improves engagement and retention performance, you achieve faster and more complete data provision.

Advanced disease simulation and modeling to evaluate trial outcomes

Meeting and exceeding your goals for product positioning

While thoughtful study design can expedite day-to-day trial execution, it can also ensure you’re prepared for regulatory milestones and market access and positioning.

Building continuity in data across the development life cycle can simplify regulatory submissions. Meanwhile, outcomes and economics experts can work during your trial to determine the best way to position your product for payers.

Finally, PPD’s commitment to working directly with patients, caregivers, investigators and advocacy groups can provide a real-world perspective to everything from protocol design to commercial positioning.

At PPD, we’re thinking ahead to guide more holistic product development programs for the benefit of patients and product developers alike.

PPD evaluates your entire product development life cycle, even in early phases

Site and patient solutions

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