Clinical Support Systems and Services

Empowering our customers with the latest technology

In this new era of clinical development, you’re only as good as the people behind the work – and the systems used to make that work happen. The PPD™ clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific provides skilled technical support to help our customers progress forward.

Clinical systems support

One study found that patients scheduling an appointment through an online scheduling system were five times less likely to be “no-shows” compared to patients using traditional manual methods of scheduling.1

Our clinical systems support team is the first line of support for clinical applications and contracted services. It features:

  • Extended business hours via phone, chat and email
  • Staff with extensive experience supporting digital trials, including patient mHealth solutions, wearable devices, hardware support on smartphones (iOS, Android) and tablets (iOS), and mobile device management (e.g., heart monitors or the AirWatch platform)
  • Comprehensive training designed for compliance with all data protection, privacy and subject confidentiality regulations globally
  • Patient calls prioritized over all other inbound interactions

Up to 30% of clinical trial patients have issues with technology, such as eDiaries and wearable devices. Providing support for clinical trial technologies can increase patient participation and adherence by as much as 80%.

Global technology services

Our technology support service team is made up of internal employees, not outsourced, and drive a level of passion and engagement for our mission. The group is committed to understanding the business perspective and applying service management best practices to deliver the power of technology through effective IT solutions and service support. This team fields more than half a million tickets each year from our colleagues and resolves 71% of calls on first contact, all while operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Walk up service windows in key offices to support our employees and facilitate business continuity
  • Enabling our employees to work from anywhere, at any time, using laptops and cloud applications
  • 3-tier “follow-the-sun” support 365 days per year