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As a global leader in clinical development, PPD is advancing clinical research through the innovative data and analytics platform Preclarus. Preclarus brings real-time access to study and lab data, together with the transparent reporting and analytic capabilities needed to make critical decisions. Preclarus is an award-winning, comprehensive data solution that consolidates and standardizes data from multiple sources to give PPD teams and customers transparent, real-time access to all clinical trial operations, patient and lab data. Preclarus dashboards provide data visualizations together with interactive reporting tools to turn data into actionable intelligence.

Preclarus is a valuable tool that advances the quality and efficiency of clinical trials and enables innovative research approaches, including adaptive trial design, risk-based monitoring and online sample accessioning. More than a technology, Preclarus integrates PPD’s data-empowered process, people and organization to revolutionize the drug development process.

Adaptive and intelligent monitoring Visualizations guide the research process
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