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Harnessing Data to Drive Enrollment and Site Activation

Big data. Small data. De-identified data. Anonymized data.

Thousands of data points feed your patient engagement and site selection processes. The challenge is finding meaningful metrics that drive actionable insights and optimal trial outcomes.

PPD owns the most robust form of patient data: fully identified information on 100 million households of opted-in patients who are instantly accessible for trial recruitment, patient feedback and patient reported outcomes.

Fully identified patient data distinguishes PPD as a leader in data-driven feasibility, patient recruitment and retention

PPD triangulates data from a variety of sources to:

  • Assess study feasibility
  • Assess standard of care
  • Optimize protocol and trial
  • Identify optimal sites
  • Recruit qualified patients

PPD Patient Data are Fully Identified

Global locations
WHERE PATIENTS ARE (Geographically)

Anonymized data from medical claims, pharmacy and other large datasets

Where Patients Are (Disease-State)

Anonymized electronic medical record (EMR) data with only disease-specific information, patients not identified

WHO PATIENTS ARE (LOCATION, demographics, disease-state)

Proprietary database of 100 million households of opted in patients with self-reported diseases and clinical trial histories

Site and Patient Visualization tool

PPD’s proprietary Site and Patient Visualization tool combines fully-identified patient data with site and study data to pinpoint the optimal mix of countries and sites for your study and your patient population.

  • Fully automated cloud tool aggregates, integrates and geocodes data
  • Predictive analytics compare study scenarios and optimize site selection
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Data-driven feasibility triangulates data from site, patient and landscape sources

We combine our proprietary patient data with external sources to provide the most comprehensive view of patient, site, industry and investigator data to optimize patient enrollment and site selection. 

Site & Investigator Data
  • Site/account profile
  • Feasibility survey responses
  • Internal trial performance
  • External trial performance
  • Prescribing behavior
  • Publications/thought leadership
  • Site grant/payment benchmarks
  • EDC/quality
  • Site visits
  • KOL surveys
Patient Data
  • Epidemiology
  • Claims
  • Pharmacy/prescription
  • EMR
  • Registries
  • Imaging
  • Labs
  • Genomics
  • Physician notes
  • Consumer data
Landscape Data
  • Standard of care
  • Treatment pathways/paradigms
  • Competitive trials
  • Competitive pipelines
  • Regulatory data
  • Political, economic, social data
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