Research Coordination Center

PPD’s Research Coordination Center is a global center of expertise that focuses on remote site activities in support of late stage studies.  The center supports Phase IIIb/IV interventional trials, observational studies, registries, risk management (REMS, EURMPs, RiskMAP), direct patient contact and long-term site, patient and endpoint follow up (including long-term follow up for Phase II/III studies).

Remote site activities include:

  • Site selection, start-up, close-out and data review
  • Site relationship development and continuity
  • Support for targeted on-site data verification approaches
  • Use of technology tools for tracking and management
  • Direct-to-patient contact

The center offers:

  • Multilingual services provided by a staff of global late-stage research clinical research associates (CRAs) and research support specialists
  • Site relationship support to enable one-touch completion of eCRFs
  • Cost-efficient query resolution via remote contact and continual review and follow up
  • Remote functions through dedicated, centralized teams of multilingual resources, resulting in fewer resources and greater productivity
  • Site support and investigator retention via real time, study-specific hotline access
  • Patient retention through regularly scheduled contacts using multiple media

Each project managed by the center receives a customized monitoring and site management plan to meet the unique requirements of each study.

Our center provides clients a cost-effective, one-touch solution to site management, site support, data review and hotline services.  PPD’s remote site management and data collection capabilities are global and scalable to each client’s unique needs.

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