FSP Source

PPD FSP Source capacity management, reimagined

FSP Source

A new way to streamline contracting, capacity management and oversight

FSP Source enables effective resourcing forecasting and analysis

PPD® FSP Source is an all-in-one capacity management solution designed to expand access to services and talent, protect budgets and position you for success. Talent and resources drive your regulatory timeline and milestone achievements. Inefficient forecasting of resources creates unnecessary overhead costs, administrative burdens, timeline risks and staff turnover. Finding the right qualified teams – at the right time, in the right place – is a risk management strategy that maximizes budget, ensures quality and accelerates timelines.

Through this secure web application, our FSP clients have a central point for communications, demand planning and management, while gaining access to real-time, high-quality forecasting, resourcing and operational data through three key modules.

Forecast Generate quick ramp-up and down estimates
Request Easy, online requisition tool
Analyze Make better decisions with robust resourcing metrics and operational KPIs to measure team progress and engagement
FSP source

Request a demo of this new FSP capacity management solution to help you answer key questions:
-How many people are really needed – and when and where?
-How can these people be easily requested, without a lot of approval paperwork and back-and-forth communication?
-How can I tell if they are achieving key milestones or timelines?

PPD FSP Source is a secure, dedicated portal to find clinical research FSP services, where and when you need them

When using the functional service partnership (FSP) model, finding the right services and qualified teams – at the right time, in the right place – is key to ensure quality, accelerate timelines and maximize savings.

Using FSP Source, you will experience quick ramp-up and fill rates with sophisticated approvals of resource forecasts, your own forecast and ad hoc requests.

  • Ensure top-end services and qualified teams
  • Obtain more accurate forecasts
  • Manage data access through a secure portal
  • Reduce overhead and administrative burden
  • Customize billing with competitive FSP pricing
FSP source

Resource Management and Insightful Analysis

In the unpredictable environment of clinical research, the absence of strong capacity management harbors resource underutilization, wasteful costs and a bored, dissatisfied team. Overutilized resources are timeline risks that generate team stress and burnout. FSP Source helps you request services and teams more easily by leveraging PPD’s global professionals and can help you put resources to work wherever your program experiences demands – whether at your company’s facility, one of PPD’s operations or a designated location anywhere in the world.

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