Transforming the Lives of Our Patients

Our decentralized clinical trial (DCT) models do far more than simplify clinical development — they transform lives for immunocompromised patients. Sara Ashenfelter, a rare disease patient, has experienced the benefits firsthand.

World Orphan Drug Congress

Attend our speaker presentation on “Real-World Assessment of Commercialization Strategies for Rare Disease Gene Therapies” during the conference on 11-13 July in Boston.

A Letter to Our Customers

Our first priority is the health and safety of our colleagues and patients who are facing incredibly challenging situations in Eastern Europe.

Transform Obstacles Into Advantages

Our experts share common pivotal moments during clinical trials that can make or break study success.


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Clinical Development Services

PPD Offers Proven Solutions, From Early Development to PHASE II-III to Pharmacovigilance to Peri- and Post-Approval Services, to Ensure Your Product’s Success.

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PPD offers a comprehensive set of lab services – from bioanalytical to vaccine sciences.

Offering proven solutions, ranging from early development to pharmacovigilance to post-approval services, to ensure your product’s success.

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Clinical Trial Therapeutic Expertise

Learn about our expertise in areas like oncology, cardiovascular, rare diseases and more.

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Rare disease clinical trial flexibility

Rare disease patients and clinical trials are benefiting from novel clinical trial designs. PPD’s full spectrum of digital and decentralized clinical trial capabilities allow for much-needed flexibility, quality and patient-centricity for rare disease trials.

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