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Regulatory and Legal Insights on Rebadging

The benefits and challenges of rebadging

In Applied Clinical Trials, PPD experts discuss the benefits and challenges of rebadging for companies that perform clinical trials and other pharmaceutical/biotech services.

Rebadging is not a new concept, but the COVID-19 pandemic spurred more widespread use. As pharmaceutical and biotech companies wrestled with the constraints of the pandemic — balancing options to reduce headcount while maintaining expertise and business continuity — many leveraged the flexibility and value of rebadging as an appealing short- and long-term option.

Rebadging is the process by which clients transfer an employee or contractor off their own payroll and move them to that of a functional service partnership (FSP). Once this is complete, the client can then reengage those same staff members. Rebadging can be an attractive win-win proposition, but the implementation is no simple matter.

The process of rebadging can be disruptive and come with myriad regulatory and legal risks, so it’s critical to partner with a knowledgeable and experienced FSP vendor. Clients can expect FSP vendors to offer high-quality service, speed, capacity assessment and quick engagement to meet any research need.

Read the article authored by four PPD experts in Applied Clinical Trials to learn more about the benefits and challenges of rebadging, and explore case studies on rebadging in action.

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