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Four Considerations When Selecting an FSP Partner

Four things to consider when looking for a partner to fill resource or functional expertise gaps.

Drug developers face unique challenges. They require a scalable, flexible partner who can address their specific needs to navigate changes and manage the resources needed for projects to be successful. With functional service provider (FSP) engagements, companies can fill clinical development resource gaps by outsourcing some or all of a single function, whether to fill a small gap in services or supplement a large-scale program — such as clinical operations, data management and pharmacovigilance.

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An ideal FSP partner provides:

  • A customer-focused approach to clinical development
  • A breadth and depth of therapeutic and functional expertise
  • Customized solutions for each customer’s needs
  • A logistical infrastructure in place to ensure that projects launch on time, stay on budget, and are consistently supplied with necessary staff and services as needs change

PPD Functional Partnership Solutions

PPD® Functional Service Partnership solutions help biotech and biopharmaceutical companies meet their timelines by providing functional expertise that complements existing capabilities and helps companies tackle their unique clinical development challenges.

PPD FSP solutions have supported nearly 300 clients, including 9 out of 10 top pharma organizations over the past five years. Backed by a 25-year legacy of FSP support for clinical and marketed products, we know what it takes to deliver customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client, providing much-needed resource flexibility, reliability and continuity.

Our extensive portfolio of PPD FSP solutions provide experts in the field who deliver a breadth and depth of therapeutic and functional expertise unmatched in the industry, uniquely positioning us to deliver the right experience and knowledge to fill immediate resource gaps and adapt to specific project needs.

Our global FSP solutions facilitate successful product development for partners, big and small, and help accelerate the next generation of life-changing therapies.

Learn more about choosing the right functional service provider (FSP) for your organization.