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How to Create the Contract Lab of the Future

Next-generation laboratories

In Contract Pharma, PPD® Laboratory services’ Catherine Liloia, cell lab director, Mary Scanlan, Ph.D., director in the biopharmaceutical department, and Ryan Ellefson, associate director of laboratory informatics, share insights on the flexible space and services next-generation laboratories require.

The combination of scientific expertise and innovative technology has always been key in the pharmaceutical industry, but what does this look like as the industry evolves? Experts estimate that the contract lab of the future will have increased services pertaining to cell and gene therapies (CGTs), data mobility, “real-time” offerings and technological innovations.

More specifically:

  • As the popularity of CGTs has been steadily increasing, so has demand for analytical support. This includes laboratory facilities that are equipped for the handling and contamination controls specifically required for CGTs.
  • As for data mobility, the lab of the future will need data connections both in-house and with customized client systems for processes such as sample detail reports and instrument files.
  • Real-time lab services will leverage innovative technology and robotic process automation to eliminate errors and improve consistency, all while decreasing laboratory turnaround time.

Dive deeper into next-generation laboratories and their space and service requirements with this Contract Pharma article authored by four subject matter experts from PPD’s GMP lab.

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