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Proactively manage central lab studies with a powerful new dashboard

Drug developers need to make more informed decisions faster than ever before. Discover how the Preclarus™ project management dashboard helps project teams proactively manage their clinical trial pipeline.

With the high cost of clinical trials, sponsors want to be able to make more informed decisions faster than ever before. In turn, the demand for high-quality central lab services continues to grow. A good central lab will help reduce the costs and accelerate the timeline of a sponsor’s drug development program. A laboratory services partner that provides globally standardized clinical testing, centralized data visibility and a robust drug development database solution will help drive clinical trial success.

The PPD Laboratory services project management team enables sponsors attain success through high-quality services and innovative data management solutions, including Preclarus lab solutions’ dashboards that offer interactive visualizations of operational, patient and lab data. Powered by advanced analytic capabilities, these dashboards allow research teams to identify trends, delve into the data for more detailed information and identify root causes to course correct. The dashboards make essential decision-making criteria visible, ensuring positive trial outcomes.

A trial management tool designed with sponsors and site in mind

The Preclarus project management (PM) dashboard for central lab studies helps project teams control costs, save time and improve data quality.

The PM dashboard is a groundbreaking tool that was developed with both sponsors and sites in mind. Sponsors and site leads shared their clinical trial challenges and needs, including the ability to evaluate metrics and KPIs and keep track of milestones throughout the study. Taking a proactive approach to project management is crucial in the clinical trial pipeline. The right lab partner and tool can preemptively catch issues and correct problems (such as canceled testing, which could lead to gaps in data sets).

By utilizing the PM dashboard, our project managers have a visual and graphical overview of the trial’s progress based on information from the Preclarus central lab database. This provides metrics to clients which drives decision-making, keeping studies on track operationally and helping manage the study budget. The PM dashboard has become a significant resource for trial management, as a clinically focused tool that goes beyond functional-based study reporting.

Dashboard visualization allows users to proactively address issues

Easily accessible and aggregated visualization of qualitative and quantitative data is available to sponsors through the PM dashboard. This empowers them to make more confident decisions earlier in the process, leading to improved study management. By highlighting areas of risk and unfavorable trends, project teams can focus their attention on the most critical areas, taking a proactive approach to study management.

The PM dashboard also enables a proactive response to resolve issues. Instead of reacting to an issue by pulling ad hoc reports from multiple systems, project managers can consult a consolidated real-time database. This improves organization and provides managers with better access to data, increasing their confidence in decision-making. Our team continually implements dashboard enhancements to better address client needs or concerns.

Customization ensures thorough project management

Each study has its own needs, and the PM dashboard is tailored accordingly. This customization ensures that sponsors and sites have a dashboard that meets their specific requirements, enabling thorough project management and avoiding major problems. Further, the PM dashboard includes budget tracking capabilities, helping project managers stay on track and within budget.

Clients appreciate that the PM dashboard leads to proactive engagement and regularly shared information with sponsor study teams. It also allows project managers to evaluate metrics and key performance indicators and share dashboards with clients. By setting milestones throughout the entire study, the PM dashboard ensures that issues are proactively addressed, avoiding problems later in the study.

The dashboard for better clinical trial project management

The PM dashboard is a game-changer in clinical trial project management. With its unprecedented reporting scope, interactive visualizations and advanced analytics capabilities, this dashboard empowers research teams to make confident decisions earlier in the process. By providing a consolidated database for reporting and budget tracking, the PM dashboard enables project managers to be more organized, proactive and confident in their decisions.

Ready to learn more about how the PM dashboard and other Preclarus lab solutions tools can improve your clinical trial project management?

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