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Seven Strategies to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Vaccine Development

The right vaccine development partner can bring a vaccine to market quickly and maximize its full potential.

Clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines changed how all vaccine trials are conducted. The success of the COVID-19 vaccines has brought renewed interest to vaccine development across indications and therapeutic areas. This increase in activity means the vaccine space will be fiercely competitive in the coming years. To rise above the competition, sponsors must understand the common pitfalls of vaccine development and have strategies in place to avoid them.

It is imperative that the right vaccine development partner demonstrates expertise from early clinical development to study design, execution, regulatory submission and commercialization. Having a breadth and depth of experience in vaccine development is essential to shepherd your vaccine through the entire development lifecycle. Working with a vertically integrated organization can further accelerate market entry.

Partnering with an experienced contract research organization (CRO) like the PPD clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific is one way to ensure your vaccine makes its way through the complex development, clinical trial, regulatory and market access landscape.

Using the seven strategies outlined below, the right vaccine development partner will also lessen your time and resource demands and enable faster, more reliable delivery of your vaccine in a dynamic marketplace.

Seven strategies to avoid common pitfalls in vaccine development

To stay ahead of the curve, the ideal vaccine development partner should enable sponsors to advance through each development phase while maintaining a focus on the bigger picture. In doing so, they should:

  • Leverage technology and therapeutic expertise throughout the entire development process
  • Convene a team of experts with deep regulatory knowledge
  • Invest in new clinical study models that center the participant experience
  • Navigate market access nuances to maximize your vaccine’s value
  • Gather the best data to demonstrate the benefits of your vaccine
  • Mitigate production and supply chain obstacles
  • Focus on the future with an eye toward innovation

Vaccines are one of the greatest advancements in public health — and every vaccine that makes its way to market represents the potential of millions of lives saved. With so much at stake, don’t leave your vaccine development to chance. See how the right vaccine development partner can make all the difference.

Dig deeper into expert considerations and steps to ensure speed to market and to maximize the value of your vaccine.