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Leveraging Identified Data to Reach Patients

Identified Data to Rapidly Access Patients

When it comes to data, both quantity and quality matter. With consented data for 100 million households, PPD can rapidly access detailed patient information by condition, age, gender, location and many other key variables.

PPD also has 20+ million identified patients in pre-screened databases, which provide granular eligibility data. This is a major asset for data-driven feasibility analyses, planning and actual enrollment.

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Consented data for 100 million households

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Database of approximately 20 million pre-screened, identified patients

Make data an advantage for your trial

PPD’s identified data instills your trials with greater predictability and less variation downstream, enabling greater budget certainty.

Likewise, speed is an asset, and meaningful data accelerates research conduct. With world-class statisticians and modeling technologies, PPD expertly sources and analyzes data to inform decisions. PPD’s technology also supports electronic medical record (EMR) validation.

Trust PPD to properly merge the logistical, academic and scientific aspects of data generation and analysis.