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Intelligent Drug Development On-Demand Webinar

Intelligent Drug Development: A New Service Paradigm for Small Pharma

Designed to help small pharma and biotech efficiently navigate early clinical development

Small and emerging pharma and biotech companies navigate a fragmented vendor network on the journey to Phase II trials, often relying on specialty consultants to assist. Managing multiple contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) and independent consultants across disciplines, however, still does not provide the breadth of expertise and strategic planning needed to address the complexity of early clinical development.

This webinar uses case studies and hypothetical scenarios to illustrate how a strategic team can work with companies to:

  • Build a strategic plan
  • Select and coordinate partners from the fragmented vendor space
  • Help meet key milestones
  • Interpret the emerging clinical data
  • Lay the foundations for the next stages of clinical and drug product development
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