quality and enterprise learning

Enterprise Learning

We offer a range of services and expertise in program development. Through our extensive experience in clinical trials and adult learning we deliver effective, high-quality training.

Since 2011 we have been named to the Training Top 125 list of U.S. businesses excelling in learning and development. Training magazine has also presented us with its Outstanding Training Initiative accolade. We have been awarded the Association for Talent Development Best Training Provider and have ranked in the top five for the performance improvement program in the Process Excellence Awards.

Enterprise learning delivers educational and learning programs that proactively, measurably and efficiently improve people’s performance, readiness and quality within a corporate level.

Driving success Our experts collaborate with you to design online or face-to-face teaching and educational workshops specific to your indication or study. These customized learning solutions include:
Videos Professionally designed and produced instructional videos quickly communicate and demonstrate learning objectives
Learning analytics Our silver-level certified Kirkpatrick Method evaluation team report on detailed data allowing you to evaluate the return on investment, retention and success of the program
Site-facing LMS On-demand training solutions via 21 CFR Part 11 compliant learning portal enable us to provide you with reliable content delivery across all site staff, and real-time audit-ready reporting that accelerates site readiness
E-learning modules Tailored materials developed and delivered to meet your learning objectives
GxP delivery Instructor-led or eLearning training focuses on quality assurance and quality control
Virtual investigator meeting Our customized service gives cost- and time-saving techniques while delivering real-time compliance tracking of site training for the duration of the study
SiteCoach training program SiteCoach offers robust training, coaching and support to health care practitioners who are new to clinical research