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The training you need to succeed as a new clinical research site

If you’re new to clinical trials or weighing the benefits of becoming a clinical research professional, you’re likely navigating unfamiliar terrain and confronting unanticipated challenges.

PPD’s SiteCoach offers robust training, coaching and support to health care practitioners who are new to clinical research. Our customized training program paves the way for a more successful experience for your patients, enabling you to offer more options to patients who are seeking relief or who want to contribute to medical research.

Experience Is the Best Teacher

PPD has experience in planning, designing and executing clinical trials for hundreds of companies worldwide, both large and small. We know the challenges and opportunities of clinical research because we’ve encountered and overcome them.

More Evidence Means Better Treatments

Access to new medicines is often delayed by months or years because too few patients—and too few physicians—participate in clinical trials. As a result, there are insufficient data to secure regulatory approval.

Approximately half of principal investigators who participate in a clinical trial for the first time do not participate again, due to a wide range of factors, from lack of staff and training to time constraints.1

SiteCoach is designed to address these industry challenges by increasing the number of high-performing research sites and expanding the pool of eligible patients who participate in clinical trials.

Through SiteCoach, you receive:

  • Comprehensive training and tools at each stage of the clinical trial process.
  • Optimally timed training before, during and after the study to ensure continuity of support.
  • Virtual, in-person or hybrid training approach to meet your specific needs delivered as one full course of four modules OR one abridged course of two modules.
  • A user-friendly online interface that includes a learner community portal with resources and tools, a learner forum and mobile gaming designed to increase learner retention.

SiteCoach, a comprehensive instructor-led training program, is part of the TransCelerate site qualification and training initiative, a mutual recognition program following the updated International Conference on Harmonization ICH E6(R2) Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

Now Available!

Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials Training

A practical, self-guided course for
investigational sites to enhance inclusive
research practices and mitigate barriers to diverse patient enrollment.

PPD’s SiteCoach Training program is designed to support clinical staff on their path to excellence.


SiteCoach: Advanced clinical research training program for emerging sites

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Optimizing Trials for Diversity

The purpose of clinical research is to generate evidence on the safety and efficacy of future treatments so they will benefit everyone who will use them, yet certain segments of the population are significantly underrepresented in clinical trials. With the increasing industry and regulatory focus on clinical trial health equity, evidence-based trainings can support clinical research professionals in the recruitment and retention of diverse patient populations.

The SiteCoach Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials training is a practical, self-paced program designed to help investigational sites better understand, recognize, and address the barriers that often prevent historically marginalized populations from accessing clinical trials.

See What Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials Learners Are Saying

“I believe in this. It is very important to begin to see changes in research and have more inclusive and diverse populations in clinical trials to ensure that the medications that are being developed work for everyone.”

“I thought this training was important and helpful for anyone in clinical trials.”

“The module provided useful ways of improving the clinical trial participation for marginalized groups that in the past have not been included.”

“Understanding what things we may do unconsciously on a day to day basis that may make our patient feel excluded in any way or feel like participating is not the right option for them. We want to make sure that they feel comfortable enough to talk to us and know that we have their best interests in mind.”

With SiteCoach, participants will have a deepened understanding of real-world solutions that can allow them to achieve broader diversity in their clinical trials and identify skills for improvement.

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