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Accelerating Clinical Trials Tech Talks

Drug developers face pressure to accelerate clinical trials to reduce costs while meeting unmet medical needs. In this Tech Talk video series, PPDs industry scientists share how to improve clinical trials using innovative data solutions within the central lab, real-time data integration, technology and advancements in decentralized clinical trials (DCTs).

Video 1: Improving clinical trials with innovative solutions

Olivia Aspite, executive director, PPD® Laboratory services, and Bryan Neth, manager, business analytics, PPD Laboratory services, discuss how the Phase III COVID-19 vaccine study provided a case study for how to improve clinical trial using innovative solutions.

Video 2: The intersection of decentralized trials and the central lab

Chris Clendening, sr. vice president, lab operations, PPD Laboratory services, and Tim Rich, vice president, PPD® Digital and Decentralized solutions, discuss the importance of direct-to-patient and direct-from-patient shipments as it pertains to the intersection of decentralized trials.

Video 3: Reducing human error through innovative data solutions

John Maier, director CDM, PPD Laboratory services, and Renay Perry, senior director, project management, review how technology and real-time data integration can improve the clinical trial experience and outcomes.

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