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Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) Video Series

Photo of Anup Madan, Director, PPD Laboratory Services

Laboratory developed tests are in-vitro diagnostic tests that are important in getting effective diagnoses and care to patients in need. In a three-part video series, Anup Madan, Director, PPD Laboratory Services, chats with Chris Spivey, Editorial Director at Pharmaceutical Technology, to share the role of LDTs in personalized medicine, the advantages of LDTs and regulatory and future considerations.

The importance of LDTs in personalized medicine

In this video, Anup Madan discusses the use of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in personalized medicine, as well as in the use of LDTs.

Benefits and challenges of LDTs in clinical trials

Anup Madan discusses the benefits and limitations of LDTs in clinical trials.

What’s next for LDTs?

Anup Madan discusses the future of LDTs in early detection of cancer, as well as key elements that would help laboratories achieve that goal.

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