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PBMC Processing Services

Our robust yet flexible process preserves viable PBMCs

All of PPD® Laboratories central lab locations can process peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) according to our robust proprietary method which provides consistently high yields.1

  • Our extensive logistics network enables us to transport PBMCs to the nearest central lab within 24 hours 
  • Each of our central labs can process PBMCs according to our standard operating procedures (SOPs) on the day of receipt, if required
  • If shorter processing times are required, PPD Laboratories can manage local processing laboratories, which includes training to the required procedure, qualifying technologists in tracking processing and shipping to our central lab for storage until sending to the client
  • We understand that PBMC processing may be variable and can make accommodations for downstream assay requirements
  • We can create client specific and/or customized SOPs upon special request
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