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A CMC Roadmap to CGTs Tech Talks

Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) continue to increase rapidly, and there is an urgent need for industry scientists to share learnings about technological CGT innovations, including key CMC strategies, LC/MS and E&L implications, new tools, automation, data mobility, and transferring bioanalytical methods to the GMP lab. Watch our video series for more.

Video 1: Regulatory Considerations for Cell and Gene Therapies

Katherine Hanson, Ph.D., Associate Director at PPD Laboratory service GMP lab  discusses regulatory considerations for cell and gene therapies. 

Video 2: Cell and Gene Therapy Prerequisites: Sample Prep, Protein Characterization by LC/MS and E&L Implications

Watch Jie Ding, Director, and Derek Wood, Associate Director, at PPD Laboratory Services, GMP Lab  discuss the prerequisites for cell and gene therapy.

Video 3: New Analytical Tools for Cell and Gene Therapy

Marc Wolman, Labs Manager, Biopharmaceutical and Jurgen Hannig, Senior Principal Scientist at PPD Laboratory Services, GMP Lab discuss new analytical tools.

Video 4: Data Automation for Cell and Gene Therapy

Ryan Ellefson, Director of Lab Informatics and Data Analytics and Benjamin Ziehr, Senior Group Leader at PPD Laboratory Services, GMP Lab discuss the data automation.

Video 5: Transfer of Bioanalytical Methods to GMP Lab

Derrick McVicker, Group Leader at PPD Laboratory Services discusses a CMC roadmap to cell and gene therapies using the transfer of bioanalytical methods to GMP Lab.

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