Lab technician holding trays while wearing protective gear.

Vaccine Immunogenicity Tech Talks

As vaccines development show no signs of slowing down, it is critical to understand the challenges associated with vaccine development. Vaccine Immunogenicity is one of the factors that determines the success or failure of a vaccine. In this 4-part series our scientists provide insights into complexities associated with vaccine immunogenicity and how to overcome them.

Video 1: Introduction to vaccine immunogenicity

Lisa Kierstead, Executive Director, Vaccine Sciences Lab, talks about the complexity of vaccine immunogenicity in the first video of the series.

Video 2: Developing a reliable method

Cyrille Bonhomme, Director Vaccines Sciences Lab discusses how to develop a reliable method, calculate a titer, and how a reliable method needs a stable method, automation, and data trending.

Video 3: Operational optimization

Cyrille Bonhomme and Lisa Kierstead discuss integrating automation into method execution, data flow, ancillary data such as electronic batch sheets, and inventory database.

Video 4: Monitoring assay performance

Cyrille Bonhomme and Lisa Kierstead discuss visualizing data through Spotfire, an analytical software platform that transforms data into actionable insights.

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