Doctor and nurse in mask talking to patient in hospital bed

CAR-T Therapy Podcast

Understanding the patient journey and exploring the clinical potential of CAR-T trials

An incredible cancer treatment breakthrough with clinical promise, CAR-T cell therapy is driving favorable responses in patients with previously difficult to treat cancers. Patient centricity considerations, including understanding treatment concerns, symptomatic burdens, quality of life, as well as long-term outcomes are crucial components of successful CAR-T clinical research.  

Join a discussion with Lymphoma Coalition CEO, Lorna Warwick, and PPD cell and gene therapy experts Dr. Panteli Theocharous and Dr. Ryan Michalek in this multi-part podcast.


Dr. Panteli Theocharous

Dr. Panteli Theocharous is Global Vice President, Cell and Gene Therapy Strategy Lead at PPD. As a senior-level industry executive and a cancer immunotherapy expert, Dr. Theocharous has led multiple hematology/oncology assets in clinical development, including innovative immuno-oncology technologies, such as 1st generation clinical CAR-T cell applications in hematologic malignancies, and AAV gene-directed therapies in benign disorders and successful life cycle management, MAA/NDA and HTA submissions. 

Lorna Warwick

Lorna Warwick was appointed CEO of the Lymphoma Coalition in December 2018, to provide vision and leadership for the 83-member strong organization, having previously been the Coalition’s Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement. Lorna has successfully held senior leadership roles in health charities for more than 20 years and has a diverse background in patient advocacy, mission development, communications and strategic planning. Her efforts have been focused on hematological cancers since 2003, at a national (Canada) and global level. As a result of her years of experience in advocacy and especially in the hematology field, she is frequently asked to present on emerging trends and critical issues in the lymphoma and CLL landscape. 

Dr. Ryan Michalek

Dr. Ryan Michalek is a Director of Hematology and Oncology in the Early Development group at PPD. As oversight director across multiple early phase CAR-T and TCR cell therapy trials and co-chair of PPD’s Gene Therapy Operational Center of Excellence, Dr. Michalek’s focus is on the development of operational strategies and tools tailored towards expediting the delivery of these novel advanced therapeutics. He leverages his background in T cell immunology and over a decade of early phase oncology clinical research to ensure equal consideration is given to the importance of endpoint capture and patient burden in measuring the success of clinical trials.