Vaccine Development

Vaccines are among the greatest advancements in public health, and developing new vaccines remains one of the most difficult challenges we face. As vaccine development researchers achieve important success to control one devastating disease, another pathogen emerges. Your vaccine strategy represents an important blueprint for tackling some of the world’s most deadly and disabling diseases, ensuring science and society work together to protect public health.

At the PPD clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific, we apply the expansive global footprint, development capabilities and expertise we’ve built in vaccine development to help customers attend to the unique needs of vaccine trials and accelerate development with proven solutions and dedicated resources.

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Les Enterline
Les Enterline

“Once everyone has a moment to pause and reflect, we’ll learn many lessons from this pandemic—whether it was learning to have clinical monitors in closer geographic proximity or developing the ability to do remote monitoring. There are multiple changes across the industry, and we’re not going to go backward. We’ll continue to move forward.”

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Vaccine mega-trials: Rare behemoths in the vaccine trial landscape

Mega-trials – enrolling 5,000 participants or more to demonstrate clinical efficacy of prophylactic vaccines – are rare in comparison with the large number of interventional vaccine clinical trials that are conducted.

Pandemic preparedness and rapid response

During the pandemic, PPD developed leading approaches to help accelerate COVID-19 vaccines and other therapeutics for emerging and high-risk diseases.

PPD supported many COVID-19 vaccine studies and vaccine development efforts with its dedicated vaccines unit: an established global network of sites, principal investigators, clinical research associates (CRAs) and site staff with specific vaccine experience. We worked at warp speed to make sense of an evolving regulatory environment to accelerate vaccine development, while also solving customer challenges, such as recruiting diverse populations, boosting vaccine infrastructure to tackle future pandemics, and supporting the next generation of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

PPD emerged as an early leader in the COVID-19 pandemic space, conducting some of the very first clinical trials, which ultimately led to multiple vaccines receiving emergency use authorizations (EUAs) and rapid global marketing authorizations. We continue to innovate, refine and evolve the delivery of vaccine clinical trials to stay on the leading edge.

In 2021, PPD leveraged lessons learned to establish a blueprint for a pandemic preparedness rapid response workstream. At the foundation of our robust, expedited, end-to-end delivery model for pandemic response are proven strategies for vaccine development that help clients navigate and respond to future public health emergencies.

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