Women’s Health Talks

Extensive clinical trial expertise in women’s health

Our women’s health team includes more than 1,000 clinical professionals, including board-certified obstetrics/gynecology physicians, reproductive toxicologists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists and nurses, who bring extensive clinical trial operational expertise. We enable biopharmaceutical companies to develop a deep understanding of the nuances of the patients’ care journey, their physicians and the practice settings where they seek care.

The video below explores the barriers women face in clinical trial participation and how the expanded use of decentralized trials — which leverage telemedicine and technology — is essential for making clinical trials more accessible.

Explore the use of DCTs and the barriers women face in clinical trial participation.

Expert series

Fibroid foundation and uterine fibroids

A significant unmet need exists in the research to develop products to treat uterine fibroids.

This discussion with a women’s health clinical research physician and the Fibroid Foundation, a women’s health-focused patient advocacy organization, highlights the challenges patients face in seeking care for and information about the treatment of uterine fibroids. It also describes how the Fibroid Foundation brings awareness and provides support to patients with uterine fibroids through their four pillars:


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