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Extractables and Leachables Europe

  • Start Date:

    06 Nov 2023

  • End Date:

    07 Nov 2023

  • Location:

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Region:


Title: Determination of non-volatility of extractables and quantitation of non-volatile compounds utilizing liquid chromatography with charged aerosol detector

Date and Time: 7th November 2023, 2:10pm in Session 5: Analytical Chemistry


  • Accurate determination of non-volatile extractable peaks using LC/Charged Aerosol Detector.
  • Differentiating non-volatile peaks from volatile and semi-volatile peaks for the confident identification and accurate quantitation during the LC analysis of non-volatile peaks.
  • Ways to reduce the response factors variation of non-volatile extractables with different chemical structures.
  • Simple and economical operation with sub nanogram sensitivity and non-dependency on presence of chromophores.

Speaker: Mohinish Sahai – Group Leader, Global Laboratory Services, GMP Lab, PPD clinical research business, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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