SCOPE Summit For Clinical Ops Executives

  • Start Date:

    06 Feb 2023

  • End Date:

    09 Feb 2023

  • Location:

    Orlando, FL

  • Region:

    North America

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Stop by our booth (#417) to learn how our solutions can help you advance your drug development with our full-service and FSP solutions:

  • Expertise and innovation to help design, plan and execute your clinical trials on time and with quality
  • Flexible FSP solutions to meet your timelines and solve your specific challenges
  • Decentralized clinical trials that meet patients where they are – saving time and cost
  • RWD that promotes drug development, regulatory approval and market growth
  • Patient experience embedded into trials and the entire product lifecycle

Charting a course: Sailing into the future of strategic feasibility

Tuesday, Feb 7th 3:45-4:15pm

Abstract: Strategic feasibility is charting a new course. Pandemics, regulation changes, patient centricity, diversity/inclusion, real-world data, predictive analytics, and digital and decentralized site and patient partnership models challenge historical feasibility methodologies. Utilizing data science to gain trial insights is a burgeoning area of development. How organizations encapsulate these challenges, leverage performance analytics, and bring forth enterprise feasibility solutions that were once thought of as consulting will now be mainstream feasibility.


  • Tim Mudric, Vice President and Head of the Operational Strategy Leads and Strategic Feasibility, PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Kevin Marsh, Vice President of Patient Centered Research (PCR). PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Tim is vice president and head of the operational strategy leads and strategic feasibility at PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. With over 30 years of industry and academic experience, Tim has held varying leadership roles across several divisions. As head of the operational strategy leads and strategic feasibility, Tim’s departments bring unique operational strategies supported by data driven feasibility to help our customers deliver science.

Kevin is vice president of patient centered research (PCR) at PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. PCR has over 130 scientists dedicated to the integration of the patient’s experience into product development. Kevin’s specializes in the use of patient preference data to inform health decisions, including pipeline optimization, trial design, authorization, reimbursement, and prescription decisions. He is a thought leader in the use of patient preference data; he is currently co-chairing the ISPOR Health Preference SIG, and has co-chaired taskforces and working groups for ISPOR. He recently led the development of StudyGage, a preference-data based tool allowing sponsors to simulate participation rates in clinical studies.

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