Receiving Requirements for Any Deliveries Made on a PPD Purchase Order

To ensure proper internal delivery and timely payment, PPD’s receiving department requires the following for deliveries:

Shipping Label

The seller will provide one shipping label on the outside of each and every parcel of the delivery. The following information must appear on each label

  • Supplier’s Information
    • Supplier’s name and address
    • Supplier’s phone number
  • Box Number (1 of 3, 2 of 3…)
  • Ship to Information
    • Ship to address
      • Must include “Attention Receiving” as the contact name
    • PPD’s Purchase Order (PO) number

Packing Slip

The seller will provide a packing slip (also known as a bill of parcel, packaging slip, delivery list, manifest, delivery docket, customer receipt or shipping list) for each PO delivery. The document can either be placed on the outside of the parcel in an attached shipping pouch or on the inside of the parcel itself. In the event that the order that is being shipped is not the complete order this document is to list only the items contained in this delivery and not items being shipped separately.

Packing slip minimum requirements:

  • Supplier’s name and address
  • Supplier’s phone number
  • Deliver to address
    • “Attention Receiving” as the contact name
  • PPD’s PO number
  • Number of boxes in the shipment
  • Part number and description  for each line item
  • Quantity per line item
  • Unit of measure for each line item


All deliveries must be made during PPD delivery hours and to the “Deliver to” address provided by PPD. 

  • All deliveries must be signed for by a PPD employee; parcels are never to be left without obtaining signature
  • Deliveries are only accepted at designated receiving areas of the “Deliver to” address
  • Contact the “Deliver to” location for any dock requirements if shipping palletized goods

PPD reserves the right to refuse/return any delivery that does not meet our receiving requirements at the vendor’s expense.