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FSP Engagements Continue to Gain Popularity, Drive Success

New data on the state of clinical development outsourcing highlights key trends across the clinical research landscape.

2024 PPD FSP Trends Report

The PPDTM clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific conducts an annual survey of more than 150 leaders at pharmaceutical companies around the globe to assess trends in drug discovery and development, including preferences around outsourcing and functional service provider (FSP) utilization.

The results of our most recent survey are now available in the 2024 FSP Trends Report, which explores utilization and growth projections, outlines the future of FSP strategies and models, and highlights ways to leverage FSPs to drive on-time, on-budget delivery.

Key takeaways of our most recent findings include:

  • FSP outsourcing is growing faster than FSO
    • FSP outsourcing is surging ahead of full-service outsourcing (FSO) in all regions and among companies of all sizes.
    • More respondents noted they have increased their use of FSP outsourcing than those that say they have increased their use of FSO, compared to two years ago.
  • A large majority of drug developers utilize FSP or hybrid FSP/FSO models, half are “heavy users”
    • Heavy users: Those that use FSP or hybrid FSP/FSO models for most of their clinical development outsourcing.
    • Almost 9 out of 10 participants report using one or both models for most of their clinical development outsourcing.
    • Heavy users leverage these models for nearly three-quarters of their outsourcing.
  • Drug developers increasingly favor FSP partnerships and hybrid FSP/FSO models for their ability to deliver enhanced resource flexibility, global talent acquisition and efficient access to specialized skills.
  • FSP strategies continue to evolve with new ways to overcome challenges, including bespoke recruitment, follow-the-sun models and globalized operations.

New FSP capabilities and trends are propelling efficient, on-time delivery

  • Bespoke recruitment strategies combine the agility of the traditional FSP provider with the deep internal talent pool that is the hallmark of the FSO arrangement.
  • Operations in global locations enable resourcing across time zones so sponsors can maintain operations around the clock and access a larger pool of resources from previously untapped regions.
  • Follow-the-sun models take advantage of time zone differences to provide readily available support and responsiveness regardless of time and location, even outside of local working hours, to keep projects on schedule.

These trends are driving a preference for the FSP model as more and more pharmaceutical companies look for ways to ensure successful trials in a highly competitive industry.

Keys to success

A strong partner enables sponsors to navigate the dynamic clinical research landscape and leverage new FSP strategies and innovations to help ensure success. When evaluating providers, the following key considerations will help you find a successful FSP partner that offers the capabilities, insights and expertise to keep you ahead of the curve:

  • Track record of on-time delivery and extensive breadth and depth of expertise.
  • Ability to launch new partnerships and ensure collaboration throughout the engagement.
  • Proficiency in developing a bespoke recruitment strategy.
  • Substantial global capabilities.
  • Ability to expand into non-footprint countries and to access in-country expertise.

PPD Functional Service Partnership solutions

Success for drug developers lies in strategic collaborations, innovative FSP models and a keen focus on on-time, on-budget delivery. PPD Functional Service Partnership solutions enable biotech and biopharmaceutical companies meet their timelines by providing top-tier functional expertise that complements existing capabilities and helps companies tackle their unique clinical development challenges.

PPD FSP solutions have supported nearly 300 clients, including 9 out of 10 top pharma organizations over the past five years. Backed by a 25-year legacy of FSP support for clinical and marketed products, we know what it takes to deliver customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client, providing much-needed resource flexibility, reliability and continuity.

Our extensive portfolio of FSP solutions provides experts in the field who deliver a breadth and depth of therapeutic and functional expertise unmatched in the industry, uniquely positioning us to deliver the right experience and knowledge to fill immediate resource gaps or outsource multiple functions across a portfolio.

PPD FSP solutions facilitate successful product development for partners, big and small, and help accelerate the next generation of life-changing therapies.

Check out the rest of our findings about the state of FSP engagements across the drug development industry, and learn how our experts partner with you to drive the on-time, on-budget success of your next drug development project.

Stay ahead of the competition with the latest FSP insights and trends.