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A new look for the PPD clinical research business

An exciting brand update: our immersion into Thermo Fisher Scientific and the expansive approach we bring to your drug development journey.

We are thrilled to announce that the PPD™ clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific is getting a brand refresh! Our new visual identity will align more closely with Thermo Fisher’s style, while still retaining elements unique to our PPD clinical research business. This update reflects the integrated and expansive approach we bring to your drug development journey.

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This modernized look visually represents the benefits of the Thermo Fisher ecosystem to you — our valued customers — through connected capabilities that accelerate innovations and bring therapies to patients, faster.

What’s changing?

Over the coming months, you’ll notice our new logo and brand visuals across various platforms:

  • Marketing and advertising materials
  • Trade show booths
  • Lab supplies (collection kits, documentation, software)
  • Sales materials
  • Website
  • Social media channels

What’s staying the same?

While our appearance is evolving, our commitment to you remains steadfast — our partnership is built to last. Here’s what isn’t changing:

  • Our services and legal entities
  • Our dedicated team and contact information
  • Our policies, systems, procedures and contracts

You’ll continue to receive the collaboration and reliable support you’ve come to expect from us. There are no changes to how we serve you or whom you contact for support. Your existing points of contact and contracts will remain the same, so you can expect continuity in our service.

Why the change?

Refreshing our brand is about more than just a new look. It’s a visual representation of our enhanced capabilities and integrated solutions. As a part of Thermo Fisher, we bring you an expanded portfolio of offerings across all phases of drug development. The connections, resources and scale are coordinated by us, and made effortless for you — our customers. This means streamlined timelines, reduced risks and a more efficient path to bringing your innovations to market.

The benefits for you

As part of Thermo Fisher, we now offer more comprehensive capabilities, including:

  • Access to advanced technologies and a global infrastructure
  • A complete suite of services for drug development, from research to commercialization, including the combined expertise and technology of a contract or clinical research organization (CRO) and a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO)
  • A streamlined engagement model, including a strong understanding of the needs of biotechnology organizations
  • Accelerated delivery timelines through reduced vendor handoffs, streamlined project management and proactive risk mitigation

Our goal is to simplify and optimize your clinical research journey, providing you with unparalleled support and resources.

Looking forward

We are excited about this new chapter and are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for you. For us, that means enabling you to bring your life-changing therapies to market faster.

It’s about time to accelerate your asset development.

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