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Preclarus Dynamic Visualizations

Preclarus dashboards deliver unprecedented reporting scope that exceeds functional-based study reporting. Business logic is embedded within the dashboards make visible the essential decision-making criteria needed to conduct a successful trial.

Preclarus dashboards offer interactive visualizations of operational, patient and lab data that are powered by advanced analytic capabilities to give research teams the ability to identify trends and drill down into the data for more detailed information. Preclarus users can create customized dashboard views to filter and mark specific data points and view the details behind data visualizations.

The transparency that Preclarus dashboards provide supports greater operational efficiency as well as closer, more strategic collaborations across teams resulting in more profound insights, more effective problem-solving and better overall operational efficiency.

Clients are able to access Preclarus dashboards which allow for rapid visual exploration of study and laboratory data to yield deeper insights, the Patient Data Dashboard and Clinical Research Insights (CRI).

Patient data dashboard — offers standardized and consolidated data from multiple sources to provide study teams, including medical reviewers, clinical reviewers, biostaticians and data managers, with detailed, near real-time analysis of accumulating patient data.

Preclarus Clinical Research Insights (CRI) — presents a holistic oversight of study, country and site startup, maintenance, patient recruitment and monitoring activities, and closeout progress. Study operations teams can review key operational metrics and performance data in near real-time on individual studies and across a book of business.

Preclarus Performance Measures — brings together data from multiple systems providing an overview of study-level key performance metrics (KPIs) to expedite delivery of important goals and ensure consistency in reporting across the client’s book of work over time.