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Patient Data Dashboard

The Preclarus patient data dashboard accelerates access to data to more efficiently monitor patient safety throughout the course of a clinical trial. Clinical study teams, including medical and clinical reviewers, biostatisticians and data analyzers can use the patient data dashboard to perform detailed, real-time analysis of accumulating subject data.

Preclarus Dashboard

This detailed analysis enables faster insights that improve clinical trial quality and efficiencies by:

  • Offering greater timeline and cost efficiencies
  • Creating actionable intelligence for faster insight and decision-making
  • Improving safety and efficacy monitoring
Patient Data Dashboard

The data in the dashboard

is sourced in the FDA-recommended study data tabulation model (SDTM) and standardized and consolidated from multiple sources including:

  • Electronic data capture/collection (EDC)
  • Interactive voice response system (IVRS)
  • Central lab database