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Infectious Disease Clinical Research

Infectious Disease Clinical Research

Applying the experience gained over 20 years and one pandemic to every infectious disease clinical program

You can rely on our experienced infectious disease team to deliver the data you need to support your clinical development strategy. With teams on the ground in 80+ countries and access to thousands of experienced sites, we are well prepared to get your infectious disease clinical trial started quickly and keep it on track.

  • Subject matter expertise across a broad range of infectious disease indications  
  • Experienced resources to streamline the development process from Phase I through peri- and post-approval
  • Reliable access to diverse patients worldwide
  • Seamless integration with our laboratory teams to get data to you in near real time so you can make faster, more informed decisions during the trial
  • Proven digital and decentralized solutions to increase patient engagement, retention and experience

“Our mission is to seamlessly partner with our pharmaceutical industry customers to tackle the ongoing and evolving challenges of unmet needs across the spectrum of global infectious diseases. We bring to our customers solid and varied therapeutic expertise, innovative traditional and decentralized trial delivery solutions, and track records of consistent operational delivery, performance and execution. We are particularly proud of our significant contributions to COVID-19 therapeutics development and are positioned optimally for anticipated post-COVID syndrome solutions.”

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PPD’s global investigator database includes infectious disease specialists in pediatric indications, HIV, chronic hepatitis B and C, COVID-19, influenza as well as bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases. With experience of more than 470 studies across 54 different indications in the past five years alone, you can count on us to deliver investigators and sites with proven trial experience. In addition, our suite of digital and decentralized trial solutions is designed to increase clinical trial access for patients while improving their overall experience.


We have experience with both short-and long-term HIV trials as well as concomitant programs for multiple Phase III studies. Our extensive experience includes trials addressing opportunistic infections, co-infections, and highly active antiretroviral therapies (HAART). In the last five years we have conducted more than 260 HIV studies with more than 119,000 patients. We work successfully with governments and commercial clients to deliver high-quality data that you can use to make important decisions about your candidate drug. Together with our customers we are exploring new approaches to HIV treatment studies and we work diligently to ensure our site and patient strategies include traditionally overlooked populations.

HIV Drug Studies Experience

In the past five years we have conducted more than 260 HIV studies with more than 119,000 patients.



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Global COVID-19
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Robust Capabilities for COVID-19

PPD was well-positioned with broad and relevant capabilities as the COVID-19 crisis unfolded and we subsequently and rapidly gained valuable, specific, and extensive experience in the management of global COVID-19 programs.  The foundation of our success is built upon our strong Infectious Disease track record and our ability to work as one team to rapidly develop solutions to the ensuing challenges of the pandemic. Our depth of expertise across regulatory, medical communications, clinical monitoring, laboratories, digital solutions and many other areas enabled our dedicated and passionate team to flourish and we are well-positioned to continue this successful trajectory.

Specifically, for COVID-19 our capabilities include:

  • Therapeutic and regulatory experts to help you navigate evolving global regulatory requirements
  • Epidemiological modeling to forecast COVID-19 caseloads at various geographical levels as part of our feasibility approach
  • Industry-leading therapeutic and diagnostic sites with surge capacity and strategies to expedite subject recruitment
  • Proven global clinical supplies services with direct-to-patient options
  • Well-established risk-based monitoring plans that include enhanced centralized monitoring to ensure high-quality data in a fully remote context
  • Near real-time safety assessment data availability through our Preclarus® patient data dashboard
  • Digital and decentralized solutions to help reduce the need for on-site interactions while creating efficiencies for providers, sites and patients
  • Globally integrated GMP, bioanalytical, biomarker and central laboratories and in-country testing to meet regulatory requirements
  • Extensive post-approval solutions for evidence of real-world safety and effectiveness, including registries, non-interventional, and interventional Phase IV studies
  • Strategic and operational delivery of post-COVID syndrome (PCS) and special population studies, including pregnancy and pediatrics


In addition to a broad array of safety testing available through our central lab, PPD also offers microbiology and molecular genomic testing to support infectious disease trials globally.

  • Extensive virology testing, including real-time polymerase chain reaction, viral load, genotyping and single nucleotide polymorphism analysis
  • The capability to culture, quantitate, identify and determine antibiotic susceptibility and resistance for aerobic and anaerobic organisms
  • A flexible approach to microbiology testing, performing disk diffusion and/or broth dilution assays to establish antibiotic minimum inhibitory concentration and breakpoints
  • Strategic locations in the US, E.U and Asia to support trials of all sizes.

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